Health Care Reform Strategies for Businesses of 1-100

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What is critical to your company?

  1. What you MUST DO
  2. What you will WANT TO DO
  3. How to COUNT your employees
  4. WHEN employees and their DEPENDENTS are ELIGIBLE for coverage
  5. The OPENING ENROLLMENT DATE of the SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program)
  7. PENALTIES you should AVOID

Fran Pullano, MBA, CFCI has worked more than 30 years in the field of employee benefits and health care.  She has designed and executed health care programs for hundreds of companies across the country.  As the former Manager of Medicare in the early days of its implementation, Fran has the knowledge and the expertise to work with government mandated programs and their directives.  As a current member of the Employers’ Council on Flexible Compensation she has gathered information from national sources and brought this information to her Seminar series to begin in May.

A former President of the Small Business Council of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and a current Rotarian she has talked formally and informally with small business owners about their needs and efforts in maintaining stellar staff in a tight economic environment.