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We make it easy to understand the A, B, C, D's of Medicare and your options available when turning 65 or retiring!

With the rising costs of health care, we help our clients control their costs while maximizing their benefits!

We will be by your side through every step of the Medicare enrollment process.By giving our office a call, a customer service representative will set you up with one of our Agents. From there, our Agents can schedule a meeting with you, in or out of our office, to discuss your needs and wants.

If you visit our office, located in Schoen Place in Pittsford, we welcome you to enjoy a refreshment in our warm and welcoming office with comfortable seating, also handicap accessible! We understand that this process of finding a health insurance plan can be overwhelming and confusing. Our goal is to make it easy, simple, and comforting knowing you have a plan that will cover your medical needs.

Pullano & Company Agents are available year round to help with any questions or concerns. We have in-house Agents trained and certified to provide guidance and knowledge to finding the right plan that works best for each individual.

Our Agents are contracted with multiple carriers - there is no pressure to choose one carrier over another - we take into account your individual needs, preferred doctors/hospitals, and medications to find a plan that will best support YOU!