National telecom company:

Saved $3M in cost by designing a partially self-insured health care program through a national plan.

County government:

Designed, implemented, administered a "no net cost" benefit for employees. Enabled ongoing $6M in annual savings.

Multi-state employer group:

Implemented an employer-funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) to provide seasonal employees with a short term health plan option. Saved the organization $500K in first-dollar health care costs.

Manufacturer’s Rep:

Re-engineered retirement plan design increasing deductibility by 100% and funding $100,000 apiece for the 2 key owners. Total retirement plan contribution to owners at 97% of contribution.

Sales Organization:

Developed key employee retirement package to reward commissioned personnel for high performance while increasing business owner’s share of total package 30%.

Economic development group:

Created a new, branded health care product utilizing a tailored HRA wrapped around high-deductible and high co-pay community plans. Negotiated service network with carriers to include broader rural access.